The principal goal of our Family Association is to unite all members of the (van) Meirhaeghe family, regardless of the spelling of the name: (van) Meirhaeghe, Vanmeirhaeghe, (Van) Meerhaeghe... Indeed, we all descend from one common ancestor. The last common ancestor of all those bearing the name today was Lodewijck Van Meirhaeghe (born 1460-65).  


Over the ages, some of our family members have ventured into the unknown and have emigrated to English-speaking regions of the world, in particular to America. Their roots and their family heritage are dear to them. To all these family members living outside of Flanders the Family Association van Meirhaeghe wants to offer a way to get in touch with "home", with those who share their ancestry and history.


You can contact the Family Association to graft your scion onto the Family Genealogical Tree

Moreover, we have launched some projects to honour the heritage and the radiance of the family and above all, to nurture and intensify the contacts between family members.

- the publication (in Dutch for the time being) of the genealogy of the (van) Meirhaeghe family, going back in an unbroken line to the 1200s

- the development of a stamp with our escutcheon, a officially registered Scottish family tartan and, in the near future, we hope to bring out an artisanal beer with our name (as a welcome addition to the Champaign that already has our name and escutcheon on it)

- We hope to organise a reunion of the whole family in the region where our family originated, close to Oudenaarde in Flanders

- If there is enough interest from English-speaking members, we hope to translate the website in English


We invite you to become a member of the Family Association. Membership is free and open to all those who feel in touch with the family. 

If you want to support our work, you can make a contribution to the Family Association. In return, you will be listed as an Honorary Member of the Family Association.