In speculo primum spectare - 

"Looking in the mirror".

So, our motto goes: "First look in the mirror."


It's a call to action: know yourself.

Because the mirror of the past,

is the window to the future.





Dear namesakes and family members,


The *van* Meirhaeghe family association cordially invites you to our family celebration on September 15, 2024, in Wortegem-Petegem, the cradle of our family.


It promises to be a cozy, educational, and tasty day - for young and old.


For those who enjoy cycling, it will also be a beautiful sporty day because in this edition we will be cycling the Meirhaeghe cycling route, with all the necessary background information to fully enjoy this route and with stops at the most important locations on the course.


Would you like more information about this unique day? Then send an email to wimvanmeerhaeghe @


We look forward to seeing you in large numbers on September 15 in Wortegem-Petegem.


The board of the Meirhaeghe Family Association,


Herman Meirhaeghe, Adelwijn Meirhaeghe, Lucien Van Meirhaeghe, Riko Van Meirhaeghe, Roland VanMeirhaeghe, Wim Vanmeerhaeghe